Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Back!

Either I've been lost in the mountains, on the high seas, or just lazy in use of my blog, but ultimately, it does not matter. Why? Because I'm back! Watch for new entries on a variety of topics and watch for interaction between me, my social work students, and others who may join in the discussions. Let's grow the blog and hopefully allow it to become what I have longed hoped, a place to carry on important discussions regarding the world of social work and our shared desire to provide people affective, cost efficient services that meet their needs. Also, let's have the blog be a place to address the need to create systemic change in many of the areas of service delivery we take for granted and don't question like we should.

If you get a chance, come to the Systems of Care Community Team Bridge Building Workgroup, tomorrow, January 24, at noon, at the Community Service Council where the topic will be the use of medications with children and teens in the custody of the State of Oklahoma DHS system (child welfare). We know this is a nationwide problem and we are trying to address it on a community state level. We need others to participate in the discussion. Anyone is welcome to attend.

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