Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bringing in the students and their experience

I've now introduced the idea of using the blog with our students and their supervisors at the Mental Health Association. The purpose is allowing an open social media setting where students, their supervisors, and others can discuss their learning experiences, thoughts, ideas, positive and otherwise, with each other, and others who might like to participate, also. While no topic is off limits, appropriate confidentiality, taste, decorum, and length of entry, must be maintained at all times. I look forward to this process and hope it can be of benefit to not only our students, but others who might like to participate.


  1. Hi All
    Today is Monday and we are back at it. I accompanied the TeenScreen presenter to a Tulsa School today and was excited to learn more about the program. Last week I accompanied another to an actual screening. I really enjoyed the one on one observation. Following a set program is going to be of great benefit to me. Yes Mike, I'm excited. Have a great week everyone!

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I wanted to talk about my experience at the one night count at the Day Center last week. I had a great time talking to the individuals who I got to survey, and I learned a lot about their stories of homelessness. I talked to one young woman who was very kind and I felt that her story of how she became homeless in Tulsa was so fascinating. This was not a woman who I would have expected to be homeless. I want to thank the Day Center for letting me help them with the one night count.
    Yesterday I worked at the Yale Apartments and I was able to become familiar with many of the residents; in addition, set up some one on one meetings with three residents who agreed to at least meet with me once a week to visit with me about whatever they would like to discuss that day I can not wait to start meeting with these people and establish rapport with them on a weekly basis. I feel that this experience will turn out great. I know that this is going to be a great week!