Monday, August 23, 2010

Oklahoma Recovery Alliance

What is the Oklahoma Recovery Alliance? Maybe not much. But let's hope this incredible group of mental health, substance abuse recovery advocates from across the state can make this alliance into something which involves working together, getting to know and trust each other, and to collaborate on common goals of helping people continue in their recovery from mental illness and substance abuse. The day of this meeting was exciting and optimism filled the air. There was sharing, debating, give and take, and a spirit of joy throughout the day. You could feel it and there was an initial commitment toward continuing work together while we invite others into the effort.

In the past, recovery advocates have allowed work together to be blunted by pettiness and jealousies. Will this effort be different? I think it has a chance, and the Mental Health Association in Tulsa stands ready to participate and to do our part. The people pictured above are one group of very incredible people. It was an honor to be with them on this day. Let's hope and pray for many more like this one.

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