Monday, August 23, 2010

Bullying leads to suicide of Oklahoma youth

When will we learn? Who is responsible? We all are because we tolerate bullying. Schools say they don't allow bullying and tout their anti-bullying curriculum. Parents insist their own kids are not bullys. Some teachers look the other way. Students look the other way. It goes on every day in schools and no one says anything. The only thing we know for sure about bullying is no parent wants their child to be bullied. It involves verbal, physical, and electronic forms of bullying. If you are different, you are a target. If you speak up, you may become a target so it is just easier to be glad it isn't you.

In Sunday's Tulsa World, page A16, was a story about a 11 year old Perkins, OK, boy named Ty Fields, who died by suicide, reportedly after being bullied. His story has apparently spurred others to action, forming a local chapter of "Stand for the Silent." Apparently, Stand for the Silent has supporters and advocates against bullying around the world. Their website has 2,700 members. Check it out and do anything and everything you can to eradicate the tolerance and evil of bullying.

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