Friday, February 3, 2012

Below is a message I sent out to Mental Health Association staff, board members, and friends about the passing of Mr. Jack Zarrow. I hope you take time to read it and reflect on a life that touched so very many people in a very special way. The likes of him won't pass this way again soon.

Dear staff, board members, advisory council, and other friends,

I think most of you know by now we lost a special friend in Jack Zarrow early this morning. Most of you know what great friends the Zarrow family has been to us over these many years, helping us help so many others. While some of you, like me, had the wonderful pleasure of getting to Mr. Zarrow, some of you did not get that opportunity as he has been in failing health over the past several years. I can honestly say one of the great pleasures of my position with the Mental Health Association has been having the opportunity to meet and get to know Mr. and Mrs. Zarrow. They have been so kind toward me personally and to our organization, and its mission. Their commitment to helping people affected by mental illness, and so many other causes in our community has been truly inspiring to me and to my family. I am not the same person for having known Mr. Zarrow and his incredible family.

As many of you, I have such incredible memories of talking with he and Mrs. Zarrow, getting to hear of their concern for people affected by mental illness who they understood didn't have the resources they had available to them. This awareness drove both of the them to help others to have the same opportunities through their generosity and kindness. Mr. Zarrow had a kindness and sweetness that was disarming and made you feel welcome and accepted in every sense of the word. His sweet smile could melt the toughest of hearts. Yet, when in contact with injustice he could become riled and determined to turn wrongs into right.

His passing reminds all of us it is our responsibility to carry on his legacy of giving, carrying for others less fortunate, and making our Tulsa community and state a better, more inclusive place for everyone, regardless of status or place in life. He will be missed by all.


Mike Brose

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